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Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge – Mountain Biking

4 stars
This section of trail from the Kenosha Pass trailhead to Breckenridge is tough, but mostly because of the distance. There is one difficult climb about 20 miles in, and some technical sections, so it is considered an advanced trail.
Time To Complete
6.0 hours
33.0 miles
Land Website
Kenosha to Breck - MTB Project
Dog Friendly
Destination Highlights
Classic destination,
Most of a day,
Good for experts,
Panoramic views


The Colorado Trail (CT) is an established long distance trail open to hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers. It's one of the few major long distance trails that allows mountain biking. While it's permitted along most of the trail, there are six wilderness areas where it is against federal regulations to bring your bike. Like many long distance trails, the CT is broken down into smaller sections that can be accomplished in a day or less.

This particular section, Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge, is somewhat technical and will take even the most advanced rider multiple hours. Take your time to enjoy the views and the ride—you won’t be disappointed!

What Makes It Great

The Colorado Trail passes through some of the state’s most beautiful wilderness country. Starting with a short climb from the Kenosha Pass trailhead, you’ll get a scenic viewpoint almost right away. From there, the trail flows into steady ups and downs with an occasional technical spot, but nothing too tough. As you approach Georgia Pass, the terrain begins to climb a bit more with some roots to watch out for. The section is lush, but be careful when it’s wet—the roots can be very slippery.

The real fun begins on the other side of Georgia Pass. After about a mile of techy downhill the trail becomes flowy and fast before one last hill climb. The trail has been re-routed here—older maps follow the road down almost the entire length of the trail, but now there is a climb about 10-12 miles down from Georgia Pass. It is a long and steady climb BUT once you’re at the top, you’ll find some of the best singletrack on the trail.

From there, ride the last 10 miles almost all the way to Highway 9 in Breckenridge through much easier forested sections. Once you get to Breckenridge, it’s about an hour drive back to Kenosha Pass to get your car.

Be sure to plan ahead and start early in the morning to give yourself ample time to complete this section.

Who is Going to Love It

Mountain bikers looking for a long day and a good challenge will love this trail section. The 33 miles are no joke with climbing and flowy descents to find. It’s a classic and a challenge so start early, bring plenty of food, water, and layers, and have fun!

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From Breckenridge, take CO-9S/ S Main Street to Park County. Turn right onto Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass, and start at the Kenosha Pass Trailhead.