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Breckenridge Classic Loop - Mountain Biking

3 stars
Most of the trails are smooth and non-technical, however, there are a couple steeper climbs, rooty sections, and narrow, exposed singletrack that beginners might find difficult. In addition, the riding starts at around 9,500 feet and goes over 10,300 feet, so those not acclimated to higher elevations will feel it.
Time To Complete
2.0 hours
Two hours is a good estimate, but this loop could be completed in less than 90 minutes if you hammer it out and don’t stop to take in any of the views.
14.5 miles
This loop links several of the best Breck trail systems, and you could easily just add another loop for more mileage
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MTB Project - Breck Classic
Dog Friendly
Destination Highlights
Classic destination,
Good for experts,
Panoramic views


Breckenridge, Colorado, or Breck as the locals call it, is beautiful by any visitor’s standards, and is an absolute mecca for both road cyclists and off-road mountain bikers. A true outdoor-lover’s playground nestled neatly in the famed Rocky mountains, Breck is home to a mind-boggling range of fun activities for all the seasons.

This classic Breckenridge loop highlights some of the best trails that Breck has to offer, from tight singletrack through tunnels of aspen and pine trees to wide open meadows filled with wildflowers. Rocky, rooty descents, heart rate-raising climbs, and sweeping views of towering, snow-capped mountains make this a must do when in the area, and indeed, as a destination in and of itself.

What Makes It Great

Looping around Breck is this superb, insanely fun singletrack—perfect for an after-work ride, or for hours and hours of riding for a beginner. And the best part is that all of it easily accessible without a car.

Riders are treated to a little bit of everything on this loop. The riding is never really too far from civilization, but there are plenty of times that there is a real backcountry feeling. Since it links up so many trails, the day feels bigger than it really is. It’ll feel like an all-day epic, but really only takes a couple of hours.

In the 14.5 miles of trail, the total elevation gain is a fairly casual 1,200 feet, enough to work the lungs and legs, but not so much that it turns into a full-on sufferfest. The loop is great going either clock or counter clockwise, though going clockwise has a couple of downhill only trails that let you open it up a bit.

When you ride clockwise, you’ll take these trails: Lower Flume Trail, Mike's Trail, Middle Flume Trail, Upper Flume Trail, Slalom, Western Sky, Prospect Hill Road, Prospect Trail, Side Door, Minnie Mine, X10U8, B&B Trail, V3, Barney Ford, Barney Flow, Hermit Placer, Jack's Cruel Joke, and the Sunbeam Trail.

To hit the trail from town, go north to Summit County Road 450. Climb 450 for 1/4 mile past the Summit County Road facility to the Lower Flume Trail. Follow the Lower Flume for 1.2 miles to Mike's Trail. Mike's trail climbs to the Middle Flume Trail. Follow Middle Flume for two miles over three road crossings to Upper Flume. Turn right on Upper Flume, then left onto Slalom.

Climb Slalom and cross Gold Run Road to the Fall Classic Trail. Turn right onto the Western Sky Trail until it intersects Gold Run Road. Hit the pavement, past a gated driveway. The trail continues on the left bank past the garage. Climb to a high point and take a break to get some pictures of the Tenmile Range, then descend to a paved road and head left. After the road ends, go right onto Prospect Hill Road (GH 38).

GH 38 forks with Prospect Trail, turn right at the marker, continue for 1/2 mile and turn left at the marker onto Side Door. Turn left onto Minnie Mine Trail at a marked three-way junction, then right at a marker to the X10U8 trail. Descend to French Gulch Road. Cross French Gulch Road and climb the B&B Trail for 1/4 mile to the V3 Trail, then climb to the Barney Ford Trail. Turn right and descend Barney Ford to Moonstone Road and begin the Moonstone Trail.

From the top of Moonstone Trail, choose either B-Line or Barney Flow, both of which are downhill only, and both hit the Hermit Placer Trail. Ride south until the trail merges into Jacks Cruel Joke. Descend Jacks to cross Sunbeam Drive to the Sunbeam Trail. Sunbeam Trail leads to Carter Park and then returns to town.

Who is Going to Love It

Intermediate riders looking for a step up in mileage and adventure will love it. Advanced riders can hammer it out and add other loops. This is a place where you could ride singletrack all day long. Like we said—cycling mecca.

Nature lovers will dig the varied foliage, from pines and aspens to tundra and wildflower-filled meadows. Photographers have plenty to do, with big, majestic views pretty much all day long, so bring an empty memory card or clear out some space on your phone. There may even be an elk or moose sighting if you keep your eyes peeled.

Old West history buffs also dig the area for its mining past, with plenty of remnants (in varying states of preservation) still visible today, particularly along the Flume, Minnie Mine, and Prospect trails.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The best place to park is the South Gondola Lot off of Watson Ave. between Park Ave. and Main Street.